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Make traditional Estonian dishes in a farmhouse kitchen! Cooking workshops take place from October to April. Making food together is an interesting and exciting experience!
Saaremaa is know as the sea country, mostly because of sailors who have made Saaremaa famous.

All of the islands have a different feel to them compared to mainland Estonia, the ,,behind-the-sea-thing”, as the islanders say, something indescribable that can only be experienced.

Birds, beasts, landscape, people, architecture – these are all worthy reasons to visit Saaremaa with the camera. Saaremaa has four distinct seasons making it an interesting and exciting destination for  photography.

Every island has a history, everyone is a little different. Every house has a history also, especially if it has been preserved well for future generations. We offer you a chance to travel back in time.

Kassari is one of the most beautiful places in Hiiumaa. back in the 19th century Kassari was a separate island, but today it's connected to Hiiumaa by two causeways.

Muhu Islands is the best place to have a sea holiday and to be close to Nature, away from work routine and everyda activities.

To this day there are signs everywhere of Swedish history – Swedish sounding place names, architectural ruins, the way of life.
To reach this silent place you have to catch a boat from Roomassaare and before you realize it, Abruka time starts ticking.
Saaremaa is known as the island of orchids. Saaremaa and its surrounding islands have 34 out of the 36 orchids found in Estonia.
Are you a nature lover or a romantic, or do you have a desire to get away from it all with a good friend or perhaps you are an artist, whose deadline is approaching and you are short of inspiration? Vilsandi is then a place for you!
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