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Muhu island (from the German "Mohn") is only 200 km2 in size but it's a third largest island in Estonia.

With a car you can drive from one coast of Muhu to another, on the main east to west road, in about 20 minutes. Regardless of its small size the charming island makes travelers who are interested in culture and natural surroundings stay for longer.

On the mainland of Estonia heading east, you end up in Virtsu from where you can take ferry that regularly drives between mainland and Muhu island. Ferry takes you to Kuivastu.

Not far from the port in Kuivastu is a first interesting architectural inheritance - a tavern from the 19th century.

Muhu has many historic buildings to discover, like Pädaste Manor with its outbuildings and amazing views to the sea, or much visited 17th century Katariina church, Liiva, that has interesting wall paintings.

Especially beautiful and rare is Koguva village, one of the most charming villages in all of Estonia. Despite the fact that all of the houses in this village are under protection, the villagers live their lives as they always have through time. Visitors from western Europe may feel like time travelers, finding themselves 100 years back in time and the experience is more intense and powerful than in any other open air museum. Only one of the households in Koguva village is set up as a museum and open to visitors, the home of a well-known 20th century Estonian writer. Juhan Smuul was born here on 1921, but the objects on display are not only telling the story of a famous writer, but are proudly talking about the centuries old history and lifestyle of the farmers and fishermen of Muhu.

Worthy of mention are the windmills in Muhu, some of them kept in working order even today.

Very unique are the islands fauna and flora. Wide ancient forests, natural grasslands and cloroful wild flower meadows invite the traveler to have a long walk or a bike ride. Criss-crossing roads pass juniper valleys, taking you to the sea, and a sunset to remember forever.

Ueli Schmid, writer, Switzerland

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