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Hiiumaa is an island ruled by Nature, every season there has a different charm. Spring and autumn don't just bring stormy winds (that often cut the island off from the world for days), they also bring huge flocks of migrating birds (ducks, geese and herons). In wintertime Hiiumaa transforms into a magical world of snow and ice. The Baltic Sea freezes, ice mountains appearing along the coast, created by the wind and water. The people of Hiiumaa become active once the summer is back, with many small parties in the village. The islanders keep the traditional dances andfolk music alive by practicing it.

Hiiumaa may be small, but it has a wide variety of landscapes and a colorful culture. The endless ancient forests in Kõpu peninsula contrast the reed fields in the Käina Bay area and an uninhabited chain of islands in northwest of Hiiumaa. Many buildings and ruins are telling the tales of the island's history. Abandoned army forts are the silent witnesses of the Soviet era. The Suuremõisa Manor hall reminds us of the Baltic German time, Otthodox church ruins are from Tsar times and the 16th century Kõpu Lighthouse (the third oldest working lighthouse in the world) is watching calmly as time goes by on its island.

Visitors to Hiiumaa get a chance to do the same as the birds who stop there - gather their strength.

This island's unique calm takes everyone, who allows it to happen, back to timeless values - a human being's connectedness with Nature, inner peace and balance. Those values can't be underestimated in this often-stressful time we live in.

Stefan Zitzmann Rotherburg, Germany

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