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Journey to history

Every island has a history, everyone is a little different. Every house has a history also, especially if it has been preserved well for future generations. We offer you a chance to travel back in time.



Your journey begins with a visit to an Hiiumaa farm that has been renovated to its original condition. Every detail is as it would have been in a household 100 years ago in Hiiumaa – wooden beds and bedspreads finely knitted by the owner who calls the farm a „time machine”. A modern WC and shower are there, if the traveler must have luxuries, also kitchen appliances, if necesseary.


On arrival the will introduse the household and the farm history. Guests can see all the outbuildings, in the barn for instance is a small museum, and in a workroom children can try their wood chiseling skills. Guests can feel like the owners of the farm, because during their stay there are no other families in the farm.

If interested you will be shown how to use a loom and make your own carpet out of a fabric cuttings. All the necessary equipment is there and waiting. If you like what you have made, you can buy the woven carpet for your home. The looms are in the farm 1. October till 30. April.


Three-day package includes accommodation a private guesthouse; consultation-tuition about weaving and return ferry tickets. Available year round.

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